Car Losing its Spark? – Rekindle it with an Auto Electrical Service


Your car's electrical system and its components are vital for your vehicle's functionality and they should be checked regularly. If your car is experiencing any electrical issues give us a call at Petrie Mechanical. Located in Petrie, Brisbane, our team will get you back on the road in no time through our unique combination of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.


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Having an auto electrical service performed on your car is imperative for ensuring that its integral components (such as its battery, alternator, and gauges) are in working condition. Your vehicle's other electrical items such as lights, radio, and burglar alarm should also be checked. Our team, with our highly equipped workshop behind us, will service your car for long-term electrical maintenance.

Something as simple as a blown fuse can cause your car to become idle. We can provide you with a quick solution to such issues. Be sure to contact us if you observe any of the following signs of electrical malfunction: a battery that keeps running flat; dimming headlights; a clicking noise from the ignition; or the smell of burning rubber.

Even if your car is free of the above symptoms, booking an auto electrical service with us is important because normal wear-and-tear can cause problems for your battery over time. Call us sooner rather than later to ensure your vehicle's longevity through electrical maintenance.

We are a Repco Authorised Service Centre so you can rest assured that we will inspect, test, repair, and replace your vehicle's electrical components with a high degree of care and competence.


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