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For every action there is an equal reaction. This is true in a combustion engine.

As a result of burning fuel, there can be a build-up of carbon in your system. This build-up can cause the pistons in the fuel injectors to get clogged or stuck in an open position. When this happens the fuel will not be used correctly and can cause a flooding of the engine or a loss of fuel efficiency. Prevent this from happening to the family car or a fleet of business vehicles by scheduling an appointment with the local mechanics in Petrie, Brisbane.

Why Work With Petrie Mechanical Repairs

  • Peace of Mind: As we are a part of the Repco Authorised Service Centre network, we strive to bring you the best service every time you visit us. Additionally, all the work we perform is backed by the Repco Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Great Value: As a local mechanic we work hard to build neighbourhood relationships with other vendors and bring you the service you want at the value you deserve.
  • Great Mechanics: Not only are our mechanics passionate about what they do, but they are kept at the top of their game with ongoing training seminars and service bulletins from Repco.

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What Is a Carbon Clean Service

Carbon clean services help to lower the CO2 emissions and raise fuel efficiency by ensuring that there is no residue clogging the fuel injectors, being left unburned in the catalytic converter or clogging the lines. This system works when the mechanics in our shop put an additive in the fuel system to clean the car as you drive, or when they run the engine through an ultrasonic bath to remove the carbon.

Why Get a Carbon Clean

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Easily Pass Emissions
  • Ensure Spark Plugs are Firing
  • Prevent a Breakdown of the Catalytic Converter or Exhaust System

Keeping your car at peak performance ensures that you and your family are safe on the road for a long time.

Save time and money when you make an appointment for a carbon clean service with the Petrie Mechanical Repairs team today!

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