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The exhaust system in your vehicle is responsible for filtering chemicals from the combustion engine away from the cabin of the vehicle.

Without the exhaust system there would be hazardous smoke and loud rumbling noises. Keep everything from the muffler to the manifold pipes in working order by making an appointment with the friendly team at Petrie Mechanical Repairs today!

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Why Work With Petrie Mechanical Repairs

  • Peace of Mind: All of the work performed by our Repco Authorised Service team of mechanics in Petrie is backed by the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Great Mechanics: Our mechanics are kept up to date on the latest parts and services for the exhaust system. We aim to get all the work done efficiently and get you back on the road in no time.
  • Great Value: Our team works with great Petrie vendors, as well as taking advantage of the Repco spare parts network, to provide the right service while staying in your budget.

Exhaust System Services from Petrie Mechanical Include:

  • Exhaust System Cleaning
  • Silencer Repair
  • Sheath Repair
  • Metal Ducting Repair
  • Diesel Exhaust Pipe Replacement
  • Expansion Chamber Repair
  • Manifold Replacement
  • Turned Header Replacement
  • Turbo Back Repair
  • Cat Back Repair
  • Catalytic Converter Cleaning
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Exhaust Pipe Replacement
  • Muffler Replacement
  • Resonator Replacement

Exhaust System Symptoms and Causes

Issues with the exhaust system can be dangerous for your vehicle, your family and the environment. Knowing what red flags to look out for can help you pinpoint an issue before it becomes a big headache. Some of the most common signs of exhaust system failure include:

  • The emissions levels in the vehicle can go up because of contaminates in the catalytic converter. Substances such as lead and sulphur can build-up and will need to be removed.
  • Issues with the manifold will manifest themselves as a loss of efficiency.
  • Holes in the exhaust pipe can come from rust or wear and tear. When there is a hole in the muffler or exhaust pipe there will be a loud rumbling sound.
  • If the sheath on the catalytic converter is worn out then the car may overheat.

Prevent these issues by making an appointment with the friendly service team at Petrie Mechanical Repairs today!

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