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Your vehicle's electronic fuel injection (EFI) system needs to be serviced every so often if you want to obtain the benefits that come with optimal fuel efficiency.

An EFI service consists of testing and repairing the various components of the system as well as cleaning the throttle valve, fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. An important component is the engine control unit (ECU), which regulates the fuel injection process based on the information provided to it by sensors. An EFI service may be required if there are problems with the sensors or their connections to the ECU.

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Located in Petrie, Brisbane, Petrie Mechanical Repairs can provide you with a thorough EFI system service to maximize your fuel efficiency and prevent other related problems. We provide quality workmanship as a result of our business being a Repco Authorised Service Centre. Being a part of the Repco Auto Tech trading program, and our team's combined 70 years in the industry.

Problems with the fuel injection system can occur through faults, leaks, clogs, as well as general wear and tear. If you notice any specific symptoms such as constant stalling, the smell of petrol, loss in fuel economy or problems when starting the engine, get in touch with Petrie Mechanical Repairs as quickly as possible.

Give us a call today and our friendly staff will discuss with you how we can perform an electronic fuel injection service quickly and painlessly.

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