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Ignition system issues range from faulty starts or failure to start, which can range from faulty plugs/leads/coils, flat batteries, or burnt out starter motors or alternators.

When your car is giving you issues, turn the local shop which is backed by the Nationwide Guarantee from Repco.

Why Work with Petrie Mechanical Repairs:

  • Experience: For 20 years, we have been the local mechanic you can trust. As we part of the Repco Authorised Service Centre Family, you know that you are working with the best mechanics in town.
  • Great Value: Our time on the job gives us access to the Repco Spare parts network and has helped us build relationships with vendors. We can find the right part for your vehicle while staying in your budget.
  • Great Mechanics: Along with the years of experience our team has, we are at the top of our game thanks to the training and latest updates on tools and diagnostic equipment from Repco.

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Ignition System Services offered from Petrie Mechanical Repairs:

  • Battery testing and replacement where required
  • Ignition system overhaul
  • Ignition module replacement
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Ignition signal sensor timing adjustment
  • Alternator replacement
  • Starter motor replacement
  • Ignition repair
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Ignition/spark plug lead replacement
  • Distributor cap replacement

Ignition System Diagnostics:

There are a few symptoms or ignition system issues. However, these symptoms are easy to spot. When your vehicle will not start, you likely have an issue. Some of the causes of ignition system issues include:

  • Ignition coils wear out and do not send the a charge to light the spark plugs.
  • Distributor caps can wear out or be cracked and fill with moisture causing a misfire or inability to fire the engine.
  • Alternator could need replacing causing the battery to not be charged
  • Starter motor may have failed cause the vehicle not to start

When having issues with your vehicle not starting, sluggish to start or running rough & misfiring give Petrie Mechanical Repairs a call to help diagnose the problem.

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