Safety Certificates / Road Worthy Inspections


We are an approved inspection station for Safety Certificates, (previously known as ‘Road Worthy Inspections') as well as 65 & 150 point Vehicle Inspection report. Our workshop is conveniently located in Petrie and we are ready to take your booking today or answer any questions you might have.


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Reasons for getting a vehicle inspection;

  • Putting a car on the market - Queensland law requires that you have a valid safety certificate for cars that you are selling
  • Pre warranty expiration - It's a good idea to get a full vehicle inspection done shortly before your warranty expiration so you can fix anything that needs fixing while still under warranty
  •  Vehicle Inspection reports - For peace of mind you can get a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report or full 150 vehicle inspection
  • Preparing for a long trip - If you're preparing for a long trip, such as a trip around Australia, then you should definitely get a 150 point vehicle inspection done to avoid any nasty surprises while you're in the middle of no where


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